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BioEnglish provides a single service to prepare manuscripts for submission to scientific or medical journals. The service includes the following:

1. Formatting, in accordance with the journal guidelines.

The manuscript will be revised to specifically adhere to the guidelines stipulated by a given journal. Attention is paid to the style in which references are presented, and when necessary, references are corrected in accordance with those listed under PubMed. Attention is also given to the layout of figures and tables, and in some cases, tables may be modified to ensure clarity of presented data.

2. Copyediting and proofreading.

The manuscript will be edited to ensure consistency of style, correct grammar and spelling, and appropriate word usage. The text will be further edited to ensure general fluidity and clarity, such as consistency of tense and avoidance of repetition.

3. Comprehensive editing.

The manuscript is lastly edited to ensure that the sense and message throughout the manuscript is clear to the reader. This may involve restructuring sentences or condensing text. Fundamentally, attention is also paid to ensure the correct use of scientific/medical words or acronyms, and in some cases, references in the text will be used to determine the intended sense in order to modify the text accordingly.

The edited manuscript you will receive from us will have tracked changes and in cases of any uncertainty, the text will be highlighted with a comment in order to draw your attention to the phrase or word. It is our policy to endeavour to find a solution, and alternative phraseology or word usage will be provided.